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Creso Legal LLP – At the crossroads of innovation and higher value!


Creso Legal LLP uses a unique and innovative approach to provide exceptional services at a higher value. We pride ourselves in developing pragmatic and powerful legal solutions. Our areas of expertise include Corporate, Intellectual Property, and Litigation.

Our approach maximizes value for our clients through use of seasoned attorneys that are well recognized in their fields, have an average of 10 years of experience, and come from leading law schools, top 100 law firms, fortune 100 companies, and the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

Our attorneys focus on understanding our client’s business and financial objectives and are committed to delivering high-quality legal services. As such, it is no surprise that clients have repeatedly asked for their services and recognized our attorneys on a regular basis for their dedication, loyalty, and outstanding service. Our unique approach, combined with a low overhead, allows Creso Legal LLP to provide unmatched legal services at a higher value to obtain the best possible outcome for its clients.


Attorneys at Creso Legal LLP are creative, highly experienced, recognized in their fields, and comprise an array of unmatched skills and expertise. They are frequently entrusted with high profile and bet-the-company cases to regular day-to-day legal issues. They share common beliefs on delivering a high quality product and excellent service to our clients. Whether a small start-up or a large corporation, our attorneys value each client and provide the personal attention and focus needed to achieve the best possible outcome. They implement Creso Legal’s LLP core values that include working closely with our clients, communicating regularly and effectively, understanding the client’s business and goals beyond the current project, and providing well-rounded advice that would be beneficial to the client’s business as a whole. We believe that client ownership and alignment with their business goals is critical to developing and implementing the best possible strategy.

Our attorneys have also held various senior positions at their former law firms, corporations, and the United States Patent & Trademark Office – USPTO (e.g., General Counsel, Patent Counsel, USPTO Patent Examiner). Consistent with Creso Legal’s LLP goals of providing higher value, our attorneys use their former working knowledge of the USPTO and the inner workings of a corporation and a law firm, including the dynamics, management, and interplay between a corporation and its outside counsel, to work effectively, remove any inconsistencies, and reduce costs for our clients

Above all, we are a group of entrepreneurs and business savvy attorneys wearing multiple hats that strongly belive in work-life balance.


Creso Legal LLP services clients in a broad array of legal areas. Our attorneys have significant expertise in their areas of practice. With several years of practice under their belt and a “can do” attitude, each attorney is capable of running the show, handling major case responsibility on their own, and providing high-quality legal services to our clients. We value each client and provide the personal attention and focus needed to achieve the best possible outcome.

Creso Legal LLP offers a full range of intellectual property services to its clients. Our intellectual property attorneys have unsurpassed expertise litigating, prosecuting, and counseling clients in a wide-variety of intellectual property matters. Collectively with over 45 years of intellectual property experience, our attorneys are registered to practice before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and possess advanced scientific degrees, including Masters and Doctorates, in a wide variety of technical disciplines. Many bring actual hands-on experience from their prior work in the industry and frequently teach, publish, and speak on intellectual property issues. Our attorneys understand the importance and critical value of your intellectual property and work hard to obtain, protect, and enforce it as needed.

litigation Our attorneys have taken several high profile cases, including bet-the-company cases, to trial both in the Federal District Courts and the International Trade Commission. They have played significant roles in working and managing all aspects of a patent litigation case. They have also worked on litigation matters involving trade secrets, trademark, and copyrights.

Patent Prosecution Our attorneys have a deep understanding of the Patent Office practices and procedures (e.g., our group includes a former Examiner from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office who has examined, rejected, and granted numerous patent applications and has been elected to the U.S. Patent & Trademark office board on multiple occasions). Our attorneys have also prepared and prosecuted numerous patent applications in a wide variety of technologies and industries. Ranging from complex technology to simple everyday products, our attorneys have represented individual inventors, start-ups, and companies of all sizes and assisted them in prosecuting patents both in the United States and abroad.

Patent Portfolio Management and Strategic Planning Our attorneys have managed portfolios for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations. They have worked closely with engineers, in-house counsel, and senior executives in determining and implementing the company’s technology goals and assisting them with identifying patentable subject matter and developing effective patent portfolio growth strategies.

In addition to the above, our intellectual property related services include: Patent licensing, IP due diligence, IP tax matters, analysis of patentability and litigation issues, acquisition, enforcement, and exploitation of IP, trademark and copyright registrations, structuring and negotiating IP, joint technology and development agreements, IP assessment and valuation, and prior art searches.

Attorneys at Creso Legal LLP work on all aspects of trademark practice. This includes trademark filing and prosecution, brand protection, trademark clearance, responses to trademark office rejections and oppositions, responses to trademark infringement letters, and trademark counselling. Our attorneys frequently work with start-ups and advise them on brand protection through trademarks – ask us about an article we have written on this topic.

Creso Legal LLP offers a full range of corporate services to its clients. These services range from corporate formation (e.g., incorporation in Delaware, California, Texas), corporate governance, structuring and reorganization, corporate finance, negotiating and structuring a variety of agreements (e.g., employment, technology, distribution, confidentiality, joint-development, joint-venture, buyer-seller and executive compensation), routine securities matters, to performing more complex deals such as mergers and acquisitions.

Whether simple day-to-day issues or complex corporate matters, with over 30 years of experience and a deep understanding of the inner workings of a corporation, our attorneys have helped clients ranging from small start-ups to large corporations in representing their business interests (e.g., our corporate group includes a former General Counsel with significant corporate experience).

Our attorneys have successfully litigated cases in State and Federal Courts across the country and at the International Trade Commission. These cases include general civil and contract disputes, commercial litigation, unfair business practices, product liability suits, antitrust, trade secret, employment disputes, and complex intellectual property and patent litigation. They have worked on all aspects of a lawsuit, taken lead roles, and handled complex disputes to successful resolutions. In addition, our attorneys have in-depth experience with discovery practices and procedures (e.g., electronic discovery procedures, resolution of complex discovery disputes, management of document collections and productions involving millions of documents across a number of locations across the world, and defense against improper discovery practices).

Our philosophy is to effectively, aggressively, and efficiently resolve disputes, whether by trial, settlement or alternative dispute resolution, with minimal disruption to our clients. Our key difference is to provide high-quality services at affordable prices while providing personalized attention to each matter and eliminating unnecessary costs and expenses. As such, our attorneys have received awards and recognition from our clients for their loyalty, dedication, and skill.

Creso Legal’s LLP life sciences practice includes biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, drug discovery technology, genomics, medical devices and diagnostics. Our attorneys know the life science industry and know the laws that apply particularly to it. They have experience in numerous disciplines of the burgeoning life sciences industry, including biologics such as proteins, antibodies and genes, pharmaceuticals, transgenic organisms, diagnostics, research tools, and medical devices. Our attorneys have worked on life science matters for clients including major medical centers and universities, international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and large agricultural biotechnology and oil companies.


Apple, Applied Materials, Amgen, Cisco System, Direc TV, Dow Chemical, Intel, Motorola, Tercica/Genentech, Streming Networks, The Restaurant Group, and Several start-ups and individual inventors.

















Are you someone who dares to dream and think outside the box.Someone who understands that productivity is not restricted to the hours of 9-5 and achieved only in an office setting. Someone who is an innovative thinker, effective and disciplined to get work done, strongly believes in work-life balance, and doesn’t want life to pass by.

If so, we are looking for talented attorneys who have significant experience in their fields (minimum of 7 years), and are looking for alternatives to traditional law firm and in-house practices. Our unique approach and tools will allow you to work effectively from anywhere at anytime and actually have fun practicing law.

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